Designer & Illustrator
specializing in
stationery, publishing,
printed matter, &
anything page related.

Jennifer Hines Designs

I am the MacGyver of Page Design

finding unique solutions within your budget and timeframe to best communicate your ideas.

HIRE ME for stationery design (calendars, cards, invitations), illustration, or hand-drawn lettering...

An infographic showing creativity and practicality combined in a ven diagram, with me where they overlap
creativity and practicality combined
An infographic showing buckets of words and pictures being poured and combined on the page
combining words and pictures on the page for over 12 years


An infographic showing objects and a magnifying glass
a pro at hidden object games with an eye for details


My current portfolio can be found on Behance at jenniferhines78, but here are a few of my favorites.

A small sampling of several items from my portfolio
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Full resume details can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

Experience listing past jobs
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Just a short encapsulation of some of my applicable skills. I dabble in all sorts of things and learn new things quickly.

Expertise listing programs and skills
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I love to learn every day by exploring new things on the job, through online resources/blogs, and by attending conferences and courses.

Education listing schools and degrees
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A little about me:

I like to have fun, love to laugh, and enjoy variety, but I'm a planner at heart.

I'm really good at hidden objects games.

I sing along to cheesy 80s tunes when I'm stressed out or having a bad day.

My old late 19th century house gave me a greater appreciation for the vintage aesthetic, so I like to visit flea markets and antique shops.

I like to travel and would love to live abroad--I try to travel outside of the US at least once a year.

Sometimes I like something LESS because it's popular. I like to personalize things so I don't feel like a sheep.

I overwhelm myself with my excitement for cool things people have done and the amazing ideas people have.

If it's not tasty or refreshing, it's not worth ingesting.

Sharing meals together creates great experiences.

I don't like cooking alone.

One of my biggest daily fears is walking around with something in my teeth.

I hate pairing socks. Actually, I hate putting away laundry total.

I also hate ironing--my dad used to pay me $1 per shirt, but today I use Downy wrinkle releaser spray instead, or never wear clothes that require ironing.

I love touching objects and merchandise--touching them makes them real in my mind.

I dislike wearing mismatched items or things that I feel the colors do not match or complement each other.

As a child, I had a recurring nightmare of a zebra wearing a green necktie that jumped through my bedroom window and held my family hostage in my sister's closet.

In elementary school I was always a good speller, but I was too shy and embarrassed to stand up in front of everyone and spell out loud.

I am a very bad liar and always try to be constructive and honest instead.

Jennifer Hines photo strip
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Find me on the web:

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